Mile High Magazine 09/26/2021 Colorado Human Trafficking Council

Guest: Maria Trujillo Human trafficking is an exploitation of another person through the use for force, fraud, or coercion for some type of labor including some sort of sex act.  Human trafficking consist of the denial of someone’s human rights to freedom and basic dignity.  People who are more vulnerable to human trafficking come from an unstable family environment, someone who experiences unstable housing situations, or someone who is looking for love and affection or even just looking for a better job or life for their families.  Human trafficking is both sex and labor trafficking.  Human trafficking is not just women or children, men are also victims.  Human trafficking is a big problem in Colorado.  People who were surveyed in Colorado did not know it was happening in their communities or even the full about human trafficking, the Colorado Human Trafficking Council have put out a public awareness campaign to help educate the community.                 If you suspect it’s happening to you, or someone you know or have seen, get help or services anonymously 24/7 at 866.455.5075 or 720.999.9724 ThisisHumanTrafficking.com

Published: Monday, September 27, 2021   |   Runtime: 14:47