The Drive | Hour 1 | 11.18.22

Hour 1 of The Drive comes in with the Crossover! Zach thinks we’re about to watch Coach Hackett’s game and the guys absolutely pounce on that! The Nuggets ae down a few stars but Zach says never fear, MPJ is here! Russ is struggling to see the field but where does that rank on the list of the Broncos problems? Derek and DMac begin their “Friday Breakdown” of the Broncos vs Raiders. Patrick Surtain is a true #1 CB but has his greatness hurt the Broncos more than helped them? The Morning Show responds to The Drive "run scheme theories" that keep being discussed around the station. Derek was not happy and now the war is on! 

Published: Saturday, November 19, 2022   |   Runtime: 37:59