Mile High Magazine 12/18/2022 Concussions Awareness

Guest:  Dr. Jeff McWhorter, McWhorter CNR (Chiropractic and Neurological Rehabilitation) concussion expert This year there has been some bug concussions in the NFL.  People need to be more aware of concussions and the impact they have on a person’s health.  Some signs of a concussion are headache, dizziness, sensitivity to light, nausea, sensitivity to sounds, fatigue, even some changes in mood.  Dr. McWhorter recommends parents taking their children into a doctor to get checked out before a sport season to get a baseline of their functions so that way they can see if there is something more going on if there is an accident during the sport.  It is not the primary impact that is the scariest it is the second.  If you return to a sport and the injury is not healed there is much more risk of severe complications from a second injury.           Mcwhortercnr.com

Published: Monday, December 19, 2022   |   Runtime: 15:12