Mile High Magazine 1/29/2023 Denver Weight Loss Clinic

Guest: Dr. Angela Tran, D.O. Medfit Primary Care, Obesity Expert Obesity is a disease; it is a physical manifestation of another underlying condition.  The old saying calories in and calories out is no longer relevant.  There are so many things that can play a role in weight loss like gender and age.  Vitamin D tells our body to burn fat so if our body is low Vitamin D we are storing the fat.  Ozempic is a medication for diabetes but it has been helping people lose weight but if people are not dieting and exerting they will gain the weight back.  Short-term results can cause long term damage.  A healthy weight goal is it needs to be sustainable and not a number.       https://denverweightlossclinic.com/

Published: Monday, January 30, 2023   |   Runtime: 15:00