Mile High Magazine 07/16/2023 The Chronic Hope Institute

Guest: Kevin Peterson Founder Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Trauma is the center piece of mental health.  Trauma is divided into two categories.  Big T is war, assault, murder, the big stuff.  Little T would be getting yelled at, grief and loss, not having a stable up bringing, it’s the cumulation of stuff over time and how you learn to respond to them.  There is a direct link from the number of trauma incidents a person experiences to chronic health issues, mental health problems, and even substance issues to name a few.  PTSD is a series of behaviors surrounding traumatic events over a period of time.  This is from people who have been into work, domestic relationships are examples of PTDS, it would fall in the big T.  People need to realize that the trauma is not your fault.

Published: Monday, July 17, 2023   |   Runtime: 16:42