The Drive | Hour 1 | 03.16.23

Hour 1 of The Drive leads in with a March Mayhem Update with The Crossover! Will the Denver Nuggets get back on track? Who's in and who’s out so far in the Tournament? | Derek is heading to a special event and he explains how important it is to a certain community. Another Tournament Update comes at you as Arizona lays into Princeton. Could Princeton come back? Also, who else has been upset so far? | Derek and Rooftop Richie discuss why ancient civilization doesn’t seem to have the same pizazz as they once did. Also, was Troy or Sparta real cities? Could a #15 seed be on the verge of upsetting a #2 seed? Why did Stidham choose Denver over Las Vegas? | Derek and DMac takes everyone coast to coast as the Free Agents get love from their former cities. The guys respond to how much Russ will have to prove himself next year. 

Published: Friday, March 17, 2023   |   Runtime: 41:51