Mile High Magazine 2/26/2023 Denver Dumb Friends League

Guest: Katie Parker VP of Sheltering The Denver Dumb Friends League is one of the largest animal welfare centers in the region.  They have five location across the state.  They try to provide comprehensive animal welfare for the community members.  They offer classes, also have help lines, help with end of life, and even spay and neutering.  As things started opening shelters there was an increase an number of pets being surrendered but they have been a slow down with cats, there is still a high number with dogs and they are also seeing a lot more strays coming into the shelters.  DDFL and shelters around the country are seeing big dogs 40-50 pounds or bigger are being brought in more.  The DDLF is doing a promotion of 40% off a dog 40 pounds or more, they had a goal to adopt 50 dogs during the promotion and they have doubled that.  Ddfl.org            

Published: Monday, February 27, 2023   |   Runtime: 15:06