Mile High Magazine 09/17/2023 The Chronic Hope Institute

Guest: Kevin Petersen Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Kevin shared his journey of recovery with us.  You cannot make someone get sober but you can set boundaries with them.  Offer solutions with the boundaries.  Set boundaries with compassion, let them know that you will make time for them if they are sober and let them know that if they are ready to get help you will be there for them.  He wrote a book Chronic Hope Families and Addiction and he identifies what he calls Plan A.  Plan A is to let the addict know, we love you but we are not going to put up with this anymore.  Set boundaries, there needs to be accountability and there needs to be a structure.  Plan B is intervention and treatment.  Don’t give up, there is hope.    

Published: Tuesday, September 19, 2023   |   Runtime: 15:59