The Drive | Hour 2 | 02.02.24

Hour 2 of The Drive is conspiracy hour! Colin Cowherd has been dropping nuggets all over the place lately and The Drive picks them up. Caleb Williams holds the weight of the NFL World in the palm of his hands. Zach and Phil discuss why Colin tipped off everyone about Kliff Kingsbury to Vegas when he did. Could Las Vegas force Chicago’s hand between Caleb and Justin? Where does this leave Denver if Vegas trades up for Caleb Williams? | The Drive’s “Three Count” talks about Goldberg to Boulder on April 27th | Cecil Lammey has bolstered a certain guy as a can’t miss prospect for the Denver Broncos. Zach and Phil discuss why this could impact the RB room but specifically one RB.

Published: Saturday, February 03, 2024   |   Runtime: 41:38