Mile High Magazine 11/01/2020 Christmas Crusade for Children

Gust: Paul Skattum The Christmas Crusade is a metro wide organization that works with agency who work with first responders who deal with children on a first hand basis and might be in need for gifts at Christmas and other essential items such as winter coats.  Christmas Crusade started 34 years ago; they started at Santa Cops from Denver Police Department.  They saw a need with the children in their area and decided the holidays was a good time to get involved.  They wanted to show a positive light for kids of police work.  This year due to COVID things will be a little different.  They are asking for gift cards and the officers will go out and do the shopping to buy the gifts for the kids and still be able to give the gifts to the kids.  This year there is a higher need then there ever has been.         https://kygo.com/christmas-crusade/

Published: Monday, November 09, 2020   |   Runtime: 14:43