The Drive | Hour 3 | 10.31.22

Hour 3 of The Drive starts off with the Broncos needing to make a decision on their future and it starts with what do you do with Bradley Chubb? The guys then breakdown why Chubb needs his money whether from Denver or somewhere else. Do the Broncos even know what they're doing right now? DMac lays into them and absolutely let's them have it! Our 9 News Broncos Insider Mike Klis joins The Drive. Mike talks about the potential of Chubb being traded and why it's important that the Broncos stay put until they know for sure. Also, how was the game and his time in London? Did the Broncos leak any information? Who else is on the trading block? Mike answers all of this and more! 

Published: Tuesday, November 01, 2022   |   Runtime: 38:49