Mile High Magazine 9/04/2022 Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association

Guest: Evelyn Walter Board President and her Daughter Elizabeth Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association mission is to ensure inclusion and enhance independence to those with Down Syndrome.  They also have a program to work with the schools to help set the kids up for success.  Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association has a first call program.  When a child gets diagnosed with Syndrome, they are meeting with the families in the first 24 hours to help with what recourses are available and to offer that support system.  Step up for Down Syndrome walk is September 25th and is the largest gathering for people with Down Syndrome.  It is the largest fundraising activity of the year for Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association. stepupdenver.org https://www.rmdsa.org/

Published: Thursday, September 08, 2022   |   Runtime: 14:21