Mile High Magazine 02/06/2022 Colorado Department of Revenue

Guest: Eric Myers Director of Tax Payer Services Tax season has started and the deadline to file is April 18th.  The biggest change for the state of Colorado we are in a tabor refund year, one is the property tax credit by county, the next is income tax rate reduction, and the third is a state sales tax refund.  When the state earns more revenue when they are allowed, they are required to return that to state taxpayers.  When you file your taxes for the first two, you will get those credits.  For the state sales tax refund, you have to make sure to fill out the lines associated with that.  They encourage people to visit their website first and if they are still needing help there are five walk in location where people can go if they have questions. https://tax.colorado.gov/

Published: Monday, February 07, 2022   |   Runtime: 11:39