Mile High Magazine 05/12/2024 WeeCycle

Guest: Morgan Seibel Executive Director WeeCycle supports families with infants and toddlers with essential baby gear and supplies. Things like diapers, but also car seats and strollers.  They accept donations from the community, then we inventory, clean and make sure those donations are free from recalls or any damage.  They have a network of partner agencies that they distribute baby gear through to their clients as well.  WeeCycle supports almost 60 organizations with baby gear and has a waitlist of 93 organizations that want to be onboarded to receive baby donations.  There is an extended network of an additional 150 organizations that are throughout the whole state that they also provide diapering supplies to as well.  WeeCycle has mobile baby essentials distribution events, where they go out into the community, they partner with food banks, so food banks give out food and they give out diapers, wipes, baby food and formula to anybody that needs it.  Coming up on August 3rd is a family friendly concert called Together We Rock  it's at Levitt Pavilion featuring Shake Down Street.  They also have a golf tournament on September 20th.

Published: Monday, May 13, 2024   |   Runtime: 15:49