Mile High Magazine 06/07/2020 Robbie’s Hope

Guest: Kari Eckert Executive Director There is currently a frightening epidemic of teen suicide, not only in Colorado but across our nation.  Through the creation of the Robbie’s Hope Foundation, they are dedicated to removing the stigma surrounding teen depression, teen anxiety, and teen suicide.  COVID-19 and with the death for George Floyd it has been effecting teens in so many ways.  Take the time to have the conversations with your teens, listen to them and ask with curiosity.  Robbie’s Hope came out with an adult handbook; it is a guide by teens on how to talk to teens.  Robbie’s Hope has been taking teens to the legislators to help them changes some of the laws around mental health.  For any teens that are struggling right now, reach out and ask for help.  It is ok to not be ok.    https://robbies-hope.com/covid19/

Published: Tuesday, June 09, 2020   |   Runtime: 15:00