Mile High Magazine 09/24/2023 Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation

Guest: Cathy Sandoval Executive Director Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation supports families with sick children.  They are about finding ways to lift them up and support them during their situation.  They offer financial support, they can help with housing, gas, transportation, grocery cars or even help paying rent or mortgage.  They offer nutrition support with the mothers milk bank.  They also offer emotional support, they noticed there is a special connection between dogs and children.  One of their programs called Stink Bugs Project, children with medical conditions are matched with dogs that have been through a training program.  The other program has a dog that helps with kids that are at the hospital.  She might just lay in the bed with them or even take them on walks to just help the kids get out of bed.        

Published: Monday, September 25, 2023   |   Runtime: 15:23