Mile High Magazine 02/04/2024 McWhorter CNR

Guest: Dr. Jeff McWhorter (chiropractic neurological rehabilitation) & The HBOT Spa Concussions tend to be higher during this time of there year in Colorado because of all of the winter sports we offer.  People do not realize you can still get concussions from skiing.  They can be caused my person to person contact to even the condition of the snow.  One of the ways to prevent injuries is to wear proper gear and the main thing would be to wear a helmet.  One of the best helmets to wear will have a yellow sticker with MIPS on it.  MIPS stands for Motion Impact Protection System.  Concussions can happen from something as simple as slipping on ice.  Somethings to look to see if you have a concussion are headaches, dizziness, nausea or even sensitivity for light or sound.  Any laps of memory or fogginess or confusion or common knowledge information are indicators it would be a moderate to sever head injury.  Changes to emotions is an indicator to go to the hospital for CT scan.

Published: Monday, February 05, 2024   |   Runtime: 15:37