Mile High Magazine 03/26/2023 PawsSecond Chance Rescue

Guest: Debbie Heistermann President and Founder PawsSecond Chance Rescue has been around for three years, it started as just a need with animals that have slipped through the cracks (being owner surrendered).  If for they cannot take in the animals, they get the animal transferred to a shelter who can help them.  PawsSecond Chance Rescue make sure the dogs are spayed or neutered and they make sure they dog has all of their shots. In the three years they have been around, they have placed over 100 dogs and they have not had any dogs returned to them.  The dogs are not in kennels all day, they get to run around and play all day.  Their biggest need right now is construction needs to help build five new indoor/outdoor kennels.   

Published: Monday, March 27, 2023   |   Runtime: 15:29