Denver Sports Tonight | 12.06.23

DST starts with flame throwing esque momentum! James Merilatt and Will Petersen discuss how the Broncos let Sunday’s winnable game get away. The guys go through how much blame should be pointed at Russell Wilson. James breaks down why Sunday was a minor hiccup. Also, how many of the “others” could’ve played a bigger part? Did the WR’s and running game do enough? | The LA Chargers won’t have home field advantage at home, but can the Broncos capitalize on Sunday? The guys have fun with discussing how now is the time for everything to start going right for the Broncos. | Senior Broncos Writer Andrew Mason hops on DST. Mase talks about the frustration for Jerry Jeudy and how it’s affecting other things. Is Russ sure he and Jeudy can remain on the same page?

Published: Thursday, December 07, 2023   |   Runtime: 42:20