The Fan's Producer Podcast | 03.02.23

Collin and KJ discuss the Denver Nuggets quest to become the #1 Seed in the West. What does Denver need to do to secure the #1 seed? Also, what will the Nuggets playoff rotation look like? Will a rookie crack the playoff rotation? Also, how would being the #1 seed in the West help close the deal for Jokic to repeat as MVP? The guys address Kendrick Perkins and his comments. What is stat padding and is Nikola Jokic playing apart in it? Is Perkins going to be viewed as a creditable source ever again? The guys each have a personal message for Kendrick Perkins and why Jokic deserves better! See our website for privacy information.

Published: Thursday, March 02, 2023   |   Runtime: 44:54