The Drive | Hour 4 | 03.08.23

Hour 4 of The Drive recaps the Top Stories in Denver Sports. Jake catches us up on the latest with the Ja Morant and how this could affect the Denver Nuggets playoff bracket is Memphis falls out of the #2 seed. Rachel talks about what the 1-year anniversary of the Russell Wilson trade means to her. Will Peterson joins in and talks about the future of Gabriel Landeskog with he Avs. Did Coach Bednar give insight into the future? Well how did the Broncos get here? Should March 8th be frowned upon? Is it better to be feared than respected? | College Basketball Update comes back on The Drive. Will the Kroenke’s be at Ball Arena tonight for Jamal’s special night? | How do The Denver Broncos open up more Salary Cap Space? Everyone gives a preview of the top stories heading into tomorrow. 

Published: Thursday, March 09, 2023   |   Runtime: 40:58