Mile High Magazine 11/19/2023 Salvation Army

Guest: Major Nesan Kistan The salvation has been around since 1865 but has been in the Denver area since 1887.  Inflation has increased 9.1%.  The homelessness numbers have gone up to over nine thousand in the last year.  The Salvation Army will give over 80,000 toys to children this year.  They will also provide over 500,000 nights of shelter to families who are struggling.  The Salvation Army will be providing meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas so people do feel alone.  The annual Red Kettle is about to kick off and it is the Salvation Amry’s biggest fundraiser.  There is a virtual red kettle on their website you can donate to or if you see someone outside of the store at a red kettle, you can also do Kettle Pay, just scan the QR code and you can by with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo and Paypal.  About 84 cents of every dollar raised goes to those programs and the money stays in their community.

Published: Monday, November 20, 2023   |   Runtime: 15:45