Mile High Magazine 12/26/2021 Ace Mentor Program

Guest: Liberty L. Janson, PE Ace Mentor Program is designed to introduce professionals in Architecture, Contractors and Engineers to high school students and work on a project to help them understand the industry.  The program starting in New York in 1994 when a group of engineers saw a gap in interest and lack of skills in more urban areas.  The program runs January through April.  Even with the challenges of COVID, they were able to move the program virtual in 2021 and they will continue them in 2022 but hope they will be able to have onsite visits this year.  They are looking for mentors in the Jefferson Country area as well as Colorado Springs.  In addition to the classroom they also provide scholarships to anyone looking into going in to the industry.  With the programs growth, they are able to match students with internships.               acementor.org/affiliates/Denver

Published: Tuesday, December 28, 2021   |   Runtime: 15:00