Mile High Magazine 11/07/2021 Hustle and Heart 33

Guest: Holger Forrest Holger lost his daughter five years ago in a car accident.  They named the organization hustle because of her passion and heart because of her compassion and she wore the number 33 playing basketball.  They started the Hustle and Heart 33 to give back to students in Jefferson County.  Their goal is to remind people that kindness matters.  McKenzie was not only known for her skills on the court but also for what she did off the court.  They are hosting a Kindness Matters Foundation basketball tournament on November 22 with teams from Lakewood, D’Evelyn, Ralston Valley, and Green Mountain High School.  They also have a silent auction and the money raised goes scholarships the offer to students who display heart and hustle.  People can also purchase bands that say hustle and heart, when you are having bad thoughts it reminds you to refocus your thoughts.         Hustleandheart33.com    

Published: Wednesday, November 10, 2021   |   Runtime: 16:27