Denver Sports Tonight | 02.09.24

DST says Viva Las Vegas as Sean Payton had the time of his life on Radio Row! Will Petersen and Marcello Romano react to everything Sean had to say about the Broncos offseason plans. Also, Sean said Russ and he are on good terms and Will goes off on him for constantly playing coy. Sean Payton details why he went off in the USA Today article that was released around training camp. Marcello berates Sean for not giving Russ the best chance to succeed. | The Denver Nuggets own the LA Lakers and the guys love it! Will and Cello knew the Nuggets would win but they detail how Nuggets Nation got to this point with the Nuggets. | The fellas end the show by giving their official Super Bowl predictions. Before that, how worried should everyone be about the Avs?

Published: Saturday, February 10, 2024   |   Runtime: 42:51