Mile High Magazine 03/14/2021 MaxFund

Guest: Selina M. Davison Shelter Manager Max Fund has been in Denver for almost 33 years.  They are a true no kill shelter they are and specializes in cats and dog.  To adopt a dog at MaxFund you cannot walk in and leave with a pet the same day.  There is a process of checking references and making sure the animal is going to a good home.  At the beginning of COVID adoptions were up, while the adoptions are still up there has been an increase of people wanting to relinquish their pets since they do not have the time since they have been going back to work.  With people getting ready to go back to work, they need to start working with the pet to let them know that while they are leaving they are still coming back.  Make sure you make it a nonevent when you are leaving.  The more the human stays relaxed the pet stays relaxed.         https://maxfund.org

Published: Tuesday, March 16, 2021   |   Runtime: 14:29