Mile High Magazine 04/21/2024 Ignite Adaptive Sports

Guest: Finn Murphy Program Manager  Adaptive sports are sports for people with disabilities, it could be physically or cognitive.  You can be born with the disability or have been in an accident or had trauma.  Adaptive sports use specialized equipment and require special training.  Ignite Adaptive Sports is at a ski resort, they help people with snow sports.  They have all kinds of special equipment for people to enjoy winter sports.  This past season they gave over 1,300 lessons for people with disabilities, that is over 350 different individuals.  They had to turn away people this season because they didn’t have the space or the instructors.  They have almost 300 instructors that are all volunteers that are instructors, but they are always looking for more.

Published: Monday, April 22, 2024   |   Runtime: 15:05