Mile High Magazine 04/17/2022 Colorado Kids Belong

Guest: Tracee Rudd State Director Colorado Kids Belong partners with the government and business to help change the experience and outcome for kids in foster care.  Kids that are in foster care the goal is to reunite them with their parents.  If a judge terminates the parental rights the kids need adoptive families.  Kids who have been in foster homes have bounced around from home to home and sometimes they even age out of the system.  Foster parents needs lots of support when they take in a foster child.  Statistics have shown that 50% of foster parents give up in the first year because they did not feel like they have had the support.  Currently there are around 4,000 kids in foster care in Colorado.  Colorado Kids Belong is launching a foster friendly program which local business to offer specials or discounts to foster families.               COKidsBelong.org

Published: Monday, April 18, 2022   |   Runtime: 14:37