Denver Sports Tonight | 01.16.24

DST highlights the importance of this offseason for the Denver Broncos. Cecil Lammey talks about why the Broncos need a QB in this draft since they’re moving on from Russ. Cecil lays out how why moving up the draft is the right move right now. Russell Wilson couldn’t get the job done for Sean Payton but can George and Sean get their guy? It’s time for a change and Cecil details why the Broncos can’t miss anymore. | Salary Cap issues may plague the Broncos again this offseason. Cecil goes through how Denver can still have success this offseason if the money isn’t there. | Cecil talks about why the Broncos franchise QB could come in many forms this offseason. Would the Broncos trade PS2 for three first round picks?

Published: Wednesday, January 17, 2024   |   Runtime: 43:50