Mile High Magazine 02/25/2024 Culturs Magazine

Guest: Doni Aldine CEO Culturs sheds light on the cultural in between. What that means is people who have a foot in two or more cultural worlds that could be multiethnic, multicultural, racially fluid or geographically.  Culturs Magazine educates, activate and inspire people who are in between cultures and those who love them. Each issues features a different location and focuses on the culture in that location, the history, the culture of the people, and the food just to name a few. Culturs Magazine has been partnering with CU Boulder College of Media and Communications.  The students have came up with a campaign how to get more students culturally informed and diverse.  There are 281 million people living outside of their passport country.  The missing E in cultures stands for the hidden diversity of our population.

Published: Monday, February 26, 2024   |   Runtime: 15:57