Denver Sports Tonight | 02.26.24

DST comes in hot as they get right into what’s going on with Russ choosing to speak up more and more. Will Petersen and Marcello Romano discuss what does winning look like for Russ moving forward. Russ dives into what the conversation about the injury clause was all about. The guys discuss the timing of why the Broncos waited so long to have that convo with Russell’s agent. The conversation then shifts to why this thing over and it’s been over for a while. | The Denver Nuggets are showing why they can win in different ways right now. Will and Marcello discuss how special Nikola Jokic has been. Is it time for the Nuggets to go for the 1 seed? | Our Senior Broncos Writer Andrew Mason explains how the Broncos can free up some cap space moving forward in his latest article. The guys close the show discussing who they’d be willing to let go to create the space the Broncos need.

Published: Tuesday, February 27, 2024   |   Runtime: 44:05