Mile High Magazine 03/05/2023 Rocky Mountain Cancer Center

Guest:  Dr. Sujatha Nallapareddy Rocky Mountain Cancer Center March is colon cancer awareness month.  People 50 years or older are more at risk of developing colon cancer.  Personal history of polyps in the colon, family history of colon cancer, inflammatory disease, genetic inherited conditions area all risk for colon cancer.  Recently they have also discovered lower vitamin D levels can increase your risk of colon cancer.  The most common symptom is blood in the stool but other symptoms could be constipation, diarrhea, painful stools, abdominal pain, and weight loss.  The new guidelines are people 45 or older should be screened.  Healthy eating, less consumption of red meat, increase fruits and vegetables, eating more whole grains and fiber are the easiest ways to help prevent colon cancer.              https://www.rockymountaincancercenters.com/  

Published: Monday, March 06, 2023   |   Runtime: 15:06