Denver Sports Tonight | 01.23.24

DST starts with a different tone to lead off! Cecil Lammey and Dave Kluge from Football Guys discuss what the Chicago Bears will do at QB as they seek a trade for Justin Fields. The guys go through why the marriage wouldn’t work for Justin and Sean if the Broncos were to make a move for him. Cecil and David throw out a few names who would be great under Sean Payton. Dave lays out why keeping Justin and drafting Caleb is not a realistic plan for Chicago. | Cecil and Dave discuss why the #1 overall pick may be overrated. Dave breaks down why it doesn’t matter where you find your franchise QB in the draft if you find him. Could Caleb Williams be a bust? | Scouting can be frustrating at times, especially when teams over value guys. It leads to a conversation about why the Broncos passed up on Josh Allen.

Published: Wednesday, January 24, 2024   |   Runtime: 43:20