Mile High Magazine 07/17/2022 Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness

Guest: Gregory Kaczmarczyk, Family Physician with New West Physicians Alzheimer’s is one of the most common types of dementia and leading causes of death in U.S. adults, particularly those who are 65 or older. In 2020, an estimated 5.8 million Americans aged 65 or older had Alzheimer’s disease. This number is projected to triple to 14 million people by 2060.  This disease can be managed with medication.  The biggest risk factor is age but life style can increase or decrease your risk.  Having a healthy lifestyle (regular exercise, not smoking, minimal alcohol intake, a good social network) after 65 can delay the Alzheimer’s.  If you are starting notice things that might be a problem, reach out to your physician.       

Published: Thursday, July 21, 2022   |   Runtime: 14:57