Mile High Magazine 06/06/2021 Friends of Dinosaur Ridge

Guest: Jeff Lamontagne Executive Director Friends of Dinosaur Ridge started 30 years ago after dinosaur tracks, bones, prints and other markings were found in the area.  They wanted to protect the land from people stealing the bones and damaging the area.  Dinosaur Ridge is now a national natural landmark and they have a quarter million visitors a year.  Colorado was the first place that a Stegosaurus was found, there is even a spot where you can see a set of young tracks walking with an adult tracks.  Most of Colorado was an inland see millions of years ago and it made it a popular spot for many dinosaurs.  Due to COVID they did have to shut down and they have had to pivot and make changes.  They were able to adapt and make an audio tour and they also put together some virtual tours.  Reservations are not required but if you want a bus or guided tour you can make reservations 1-7 days in advance.     https://dinoridge.org/    

Published: Thursday, June 10, 2021   |   Runtime: 15:25