Mile High Magazine 06/06/2021 Special Olympics

Guest: Megan Scremin President and CEO   Special Olympics Colorado are athletes with intellectual disabilities. They have had to change everything they do since they an events organization and connection.  They were able to launch a bunch of different health and wellness challenges to keep their athletes active and connected.  They had events like a 5k training, nutrition, and strong mind.  They were able to bring their athletes back and involved in sports in July.  Even though they are opening back up, they are still going to be offering their virtual events.  They have been able to bring back their summer games, instead of having them in one location over multiple days they had the games in a few different locations over a couple of days.  The summer season is about to kick off.  Also the plane pull registration just opened.  Teams of 15 raise money and pull a plane to see what team can pull it the fastest.          https://specialolympicsco.org/

Published: Thursday, June 10, 2021   |   Runtime: 15:06