Mile High Magazine 03/17/2024 New Hope Ministries

Guest: Ken Dalton New Hope Ministries is a non-domination church, they also have a men’s and women’s home to help those that are struggling with drugs, alcohol and behavioral issues.  A typical day would be, they go to the church and do chores, they go and pray and have a church service, they go finish their chores, followed by more prayer and services.  They cannot get a job until they are clean and sober, once they are clean and sober, they enter a re-entry program.  Sometimes people leave on their own, after a year they are blessed to go out and start life.  Some people have been the homes for five or six years.  They will be doing a play on Easter Eve that the youth pastor helped put together.  The play will follow when Jesus was put on the cross and what he died for.  Also during the play, people will give testimony how their lives have been changed.

Published: Monday, March 18, 2024   |   Runtime: 15:44