Mile High Magazine 01/24/2021 SCL Health and Bessie’s Hope

Guest: Greg Moss Director of Public Relations and Media SCL Health SCL health is really been focusing on the vaccine.  Their goal it to get the shot to everyone as quickly as possible.  They will be hosting an event at the end of the month that will offer the vaccine at one location.  The event is by reservation only and you have to be in the first group of people that are able to get the shot (over 70 or a frontline worker). They will also give you the follow up date for your second dose. sclhealth.org Guest: Linda Holloway Co-Founder and Co-Director of Bessie’s Hope Linda and Sharon starting training youth groups by having musical assemblies at their schools then some of the kids would then go to the nursing homes to perform for some of the residents.  The kids had to have training on how to communicate with people with Alzheimer’s so they would not be afraid and also so they could break the stereo type they had with someone who has Alzheimer’s.  Nationally 60% of elders in nursing homes do not have personal visitors.  They have a program called Staying Connected, they are having people write cards or letters and Bessie’s Hope is taking them to the nursing homes to give to the elders who might not get visitors.  They are also setting up zoom calls to have an elder have someone to talk with.     https://www.bessieshope.org/  

Published: Wednesday, January 27, 2021   |   Runtime: 30:36