Denver Sports Tonight | 02.23.24

DST says goodbye to Russell Wilson as his days in Denver will be over very soon. Cecil Lammey talks about where it all went wrong with Russell Wilson. He also explains why moving on doesn’t have to mean it’s over. Russell Wilson has been in a weird position since he’s gotten here but how it ended works out in his favor. Cecil congratulates Russ as his next endeavor will be soon as the cap situation just got easier for Denver. | Cecil goes through why the Broncos next QB will be “the one.” Rookies QB’s will be on a steep learning curve moving forward but will Sean Payton be patient enough? Cecil talks about why Sean’s demeanor will determine what’s next for him. | Cecil goes through why the Broncos can’t stay put at #12 overall in the first round.

Published: Saturday, February 24, 2024   |   Runtime: 44:55