The Drive | Hour 1 | 01.13.23

Hour 1 of The Drive sets up with a recap of how Ronnie Hillman’s service went on yesterday. Derek shares a few stories about Peyton Manning from the service. The Nuggets may be in trouble tonight as Nikola Jokic is leaning towards not playing. DMac has another theory! Derek has a big-time scoop that’s unbelievable. Did Coach Evero save his friend Nathaniel Hackett in his HC interview with the Broncos? Is Russell Wilson the reason why guys aren’t sold on this Broncos job? Where do the Broncos go if guys keep looking elsewhere? The Fan’s weekend Host and Avs Insider Mat Smith joins The Drive. Mat discusses where the Avs are going wrong right now. Beyond injuries, how else can the Avs look to get this thing back on track? Also, Mat and Derek talk about roles being established again going forward. Who’s to blame for the Avs mishaps? Mat recaps the woes while shining light on what’s to come. 

Published: Saturday, January 14, 2023   |   Runtime: 41:04