Mile High Magazine 09/12/2021 TACT

Guest:  Danny Combs, M.A., BCCS, CAS Founder of TACT Tact stands for teaching the autism community trades.  Danny is a dad of a child with autism; he discovered people with autism have a 90% unemployment rate across the nation.  Tact teaches them skills in welding, auto mechanics, carpentry and cyber security and the build on the strengths of each individual.  The weekend class fees are between $25-$50 and the career path they accept grants and scholarships for the students.  October 8th they have a fundraiser when then will be auctioning off a 1956 GMC 100 truck that the students have been working on       www.buildwithtact.org

Published: Monday, September 20, 2021   |   Runtime: 14:53