Mile High Magazine 5/08/2022 PAWsitive Recovery

Guest: Serena Saunders PAWsitive recovery gives people in recovery and animals in shelters a new “leash” on life, helping them heal from the wounds of addiction, trauma, and abuse.  They know that animal human bond is crucial to healing and growth.  They provide temporary pet foster care for individuals going through treatment or getting out of domestic violence.  Pet Visits for People in Treatment Centers and Shelters.  Volunteer/Community Service Opportunities at Shelters for those in Recovery or Healing from Domestic Violence.  Animal Focused Therapy in Treatment Centers and Shelters.  Having a place people can take their pets when they go to treatment helps them to take the steps to get treatment and stay in treatment, and when they get out the pets help to keep them on a schedule.  There is an application process to get your pet matched with the right foster.  There is no fees to people looking for help with their pets when they go into treatment.              https://pawsitive-recovery.com/

Published: Tuesday, May 10, 2022   |   Runtime: 14:21