The Drive | Hour 2 | 03.10.23

Hour 2 of The Drive sets up with a story about flipping tables and golf carts. Derek then discusses why you must be careful with people who try to throw you off track. The Broncos are making moves but what should they do with the extra cap space? Derek leans RT but should the Broncos draft or get it through Free Agency? Should the Broncos go get another LG in Free Agency? A funny story comes up about a former Bronco who threw Derek off during a game. How much does film study matter? | Breaking News comes out about the Chicago Bears trading the #1 pick to Carolina. DMac takes a big Victory Lap! Is this what Denver should have done with Justin Field two years ago? | Our 9 News Broncos Insider Mike Klis joins The Drive. Mike gives everyone the latest with the Broncos news from earlier today. Mike dives into who the Broncos may have their eyes on in Free Agency. If you’re Dre’Mont Jones, do you stay or do you go? Chicago is the front runner for Jones but can the Broncos make an effort to keep him around? Mike highlights how letting a guy like Graham Glasgow go is tough on both sides. 

Published: Saturday, March 11, 2023   |   Runtime: 42:30