Mile High Magazine 07/26/2020 DURA

Guest: Dindi Wade Redevelopment Specialist for DURA, and Fred Yeazel, Construction Supervisor The Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA) has two main areas of focus.  They are redevelopment and housing rehabilitation.  The redevelopment side works with city agencies and partners in the community to insure the development is done right.  The provide financing for projects that would otherwise not be feasible.  They also enabled the development of affordable housing.  They create jobs through in their programs in redeveloping and housing.  They improve property value in the City and County of Denver and generate new tax dollars.  The housing rehabilitation program provides low-income homeowners with loans or grants to help them maintain maintenance on their homes.  DURA has provided funds to three local non-profits (Mi Casa, Hispanic Contractors of Colorado, and Black Business Initiative); they will provide business counseling to small and minority owned construction business and help them access recourses so they can navigate through COVID-19.    https://renewdenver.org/

Published: Wednesday, July 29, 2020   |   Runtime: 15:14