The Drive | Hour 4 | 01.31.24

Hour 4 of The Drive talks about why Paxton Lynch and multiple other QB’s didn’t work out! Our Denver 7 Broncos Insider Troy Renck joins The Drive. Troy explains why Gardner Minshew wouldn’t work in Denver!  Troy talks about the rumors of Russell Wilson to Pittsburgh. Troy breaks down why Russ is still on the roster. Troy also talks about the Mel Kiper story that has gone viral in Denver! Were K.C. as close as it appeared in 2016? | The Fan Flyaway Winner was announced on The Drive! Our winner announced who he's taking and what his plan was to win the contest. Joel Klatt broke down why Jim Harbaugh is that guy and the fellas rub it in the morning show's face! | The NBA MVP Odds have shifted in Jokic's favor but will he get the benefit of the doubt he deserves? 

Published: Thursday, February 01, 2024   |   Runtime: 39:46