The Drive | Hour 2 | 03.08.23

Hour 2 of The Drive leads in with breaking Ja Morant News as DMac, Rachel, and Jake dive in. Will Ja be suspended by the NBA for more than 50 games? More Breaking News comes out and this time DMac is affected first hand as we head back to his alma mater. The Avs are dealing with more injuries, and everyone reacts to the latest update. Could Gabe be falling behind schedule again? Trading for a Star QB or drafting a 1st Round QB? DMac and Jake flush out the risk and the reward of going both routes. | Jamal Murray hints at a special night on twitter vs the Chicago Bulls! Also, more Ja Morant News comes out and it’s only getting worse. Shannon Sharpe adds more gasoline to the fire! | Cale Makar understands the mission at hand and DMac goes behind the scenes to get him to explain the Avs mindset right now.

Published: Thursday, March 09, 2023   |   Runtime: 43:14