Mile High Magazine 01/07/2024 PlatteForum

Guest: Michael Gadlin Director PlatteForum connects high school students and professional artist.  They have programs that are created around the artist practice.  The high school students get to see what the artist is working on and their process.  It helps the students with exploration and for them to notice their own fill potential.  The high school students need to apply to be in the program and they are also paid interns.  The high school students can apply once they are sophomores, and they are with PlatteForum as long as they are in high school.  The current exhibit, they gave the teens the space.  Over the past year, they have created work on issues and topics that are important to them.  They range from social justice that are impacting their community and things that they are worried about such as housing, mental health, and climate change just to name a few.  The show runs from January 5th – 21st.

Published: Monday, January 08, 2024   |   Runtime: 15:04