Mile High Magazine 06/15/2020 Mile High 360

Guest: Natalie A. Martinez Director of Development Mile High 360 provides comprehensive youth development services for students grade 6th though age 24.  They focus on academics, health and wellness, and life skills.  The kids they serve are sometimes first generation in the US and live in high poverty communities.  They have been able to engage the kids though sports.  In 2008, the kids really got into the sport of squash.  Squash was filled up so they needed to add another sport.  The next school year coming up, they are hoping to open it up to mountain biking.  They also do academics and help with tutoring, ACT and SAT prep.  Mile High 360 also works on life skills with working in the community.  They get to go on trips.  The offer nutrition class, mental health, development health.  This is a program the kids can use year round.  Covid-19 affected their big fundraiser Make Miles Matter event.  Make Miles Matter is where people would cycle from Denver to Look-Out Mountain and back.  This year the event went to a virtual so people could complete the event on their own.  They also did a virtual biking app and a former Olympian lead the ride. www.milehigh360.org

Published: Tuesday, June 16, 2020   |   Runtime: 14:28