Mile High Magazine 1/03/2022 2Xtreme

Guest: John E. Davis M.A., CACII Early in John’s carrier, he noticed the group he works with would not participate and he noticed he needed to create a deep emotional connection and doing experimental therapy with that 2Xtreme started in 1998 and they became a non-profit in 1999.  2Xtreme has three signature programs.  One program is their moms group; it was started for the moms at 2xtreme but over time has opened to the community.  Another program is their mentor program.  The mentors are alumni who have been through the programs and they live by the three pillars.  The three pillars are humility, serving, and gratitude.  The last program is 2Xtreme Dream, it is a 10-month program and they have to meet seven goals, one of which is creating their own treatment program.  If they meet all the requirements in those 10 months, they get to go climb peaks and give back to locals in communities internationally.  Their biggest need right now is donations and recurring donations. 2xtreme.info    

Published: Tuesday, January 04, 2022   |   Runtime: 13:39