Mile High Magazine 12/20/2020 Salvation Army

Guest: Major Richard Pease The Salvation Army is still doing their toy distribution but this year is looking a little different because of COVID.  They are looking at handing out of 18,000 toys in the Denver area.  This year they are still going to be giving away 2,200 meals to people for Christmas but instead of doing it at the Coliseum they are going to be doing it mobile.  The Salvation Army has seen an increase of people needing help this year; they are expecting to see an increase of 155%.  People have been reaching out for mostly food but also rent and utility assistance.  Normally you would see people this time of year out with the Red Kettles.  This year their fundraising is down 25% since there are fewer location and retail traffic is down.  The donations raised in Denver stay in Denver.              imsalvationarmy.org     denvermetroredkettle.org

Published: Wednesday, December 23, 2020   |   Runtime: 15:40